My Facebook policy. I have posted this before, but it has been a while. I see Facebook as a chance to connect with both people I truly know and casual acquaintances too. I’m not going to know or meet all of you. Some keep their “friends” very closed. I choose not to on Facebook for several reasons. I developed fans from radio and law. Why not interact with them? I enjoy the platform where I can share my life and entertain, inform and inspire. I have a few rules:

A. I’m never mean to my Facebook friends.
B. I expect my Facebook friends not to be mean to me or my other Facebook friends.
C. Disagreeing is fine. The minute you’re nasty. Blocked. Why should I give anyone a shot on FB at me? It’s FB “friends.” It’s not FB “enemies.” It should be fun.
D. I share personal events, but never too personal.
E. I won’t allow perverted sex-oriented posts. If you see one, it is only there because I haven’t seen and deleted it yet.
F. Tag and or share rule. So long as your tag or share is something my FB friends would enjoy or would like to know I don’t mind at all you tagging and sharing. I also want to help you. BUT don’t abuse the privilege. I don’t want the sunglass sellers!! Lol. Feel free share any of my posts. The honor is all mine.

I also FB because I want to be able to respond quickly to my core friends, fans and supporters to anything. I FB because it’s been a great source of legal business to the law office which I manage and work—The Deters Law Office.

I also have proven for years, that if you are a FB friend, radio fan, client of the office, friend, etc., you get 24/7/365 access to me by text 859-250-2527 or eric@ericdeters.com.
Never hesitate. If I don’t respond right away, I’m napping, sleeping or dead.

Please refer your friends to be my FB friends.

Finally, if you see me out, please introduce yourself to me as a FB friend. I enjoy it. It’s fun. Please don’t begin by saying—“You don’t know who I am, do you?” Pet peeve of mine. Just introduce yourself.

Thank you for your FB friendship. Be oracles, not jackwagons. Be witty and wise, not stupid and dumb. Work until you die. God. Capitalism. Constitution. You’re probably a sinner, not a saint. Me too. Don’t be self-righteous. Carpe diem!

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